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Beautiful things take time


Le Case is a chest containing treasures of good food and hospitality.
The restaurant, the Resort, the Spa and the Organic Farm are the many spirits of Le Case that, in over twenty years, have won the hearts and taste buds of guests. Customers over time have become friends and have returned to savour the dishes of our chefs or enjoy a few days of real healthy living, welcomed in a dimension suspended between past and present.
Talking of Le Case means talking about us, Elvia and Marcello, Francesca and Flavia, and our way of offering hospitality.
The history of Le Case is the story of the Giosuè family.

It all started in 1988 when we took the opportunity to realise our dream, by buying and renovating the “curtis de Rotellae”, a hamlet which has its roots in the Middle Ages, when the valley of the River Potenza was the epicentre of life and trade. Over the centuries the courtyard has lived many lives, and when we saw her, set in twenty-five hectares, at the end of the ridge that slopes gently away from Macerata, it was love at first sight!
A fascinating project for people like us, who nurture a deep passion for life in touch with nature, for antiques and objects that have a thousand stories to tell.
Beautiful things, you know, take time… So, in 1993 we started our adventure with the popular restaurant and our organic farm. A few years later along came the Resort and L’Enoteca.

At Le Case nature and its rhythms are back to being central to activity based on environmental sustainability.
Over time we have developed our own philosophy of food dishes. This special way of understanding the relationship between food and nature has become a source of inspiration for our Chef Brigade. Genuine zero kilometre products, and from our farm, wild herbs picked and selected by experts, tradition and innovation in the kitchen. These ingredients make the unique dishes that we bring to the table.

There is much more to tell… But we are waiting to do it in person at Le Case!

Le Case - Giosuè Family