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Specialities of Restaurant Le Case Macerata
Specialitiy of Restaurant Le Case Macerata

Our cuisine is a story of the gastronomic traditions of the region… With a bit of creativity!

Speaking of our restaurant means talking of cuisine that goes beyond fashion to rediscover ancient flavours, interpreting them with flair and creativity. The cuisine is distinguished by careful research into the quality and seasonality of products, all zero kilometres, which we serve with skilfully reworked recipes in the best local tradition.

Herbs have always been our passion, and symbolise our cuisine. Much of the raw materials we use come from our farm: meat from animals bred naturally, vegetables and fruit from the garden, eggs and organic extra virgin single variety olive oil.

The menus of our Chef Brigade are real gastronomic originals, with recipes that bring the seasons into the pot with so much creativity that you will want to come back.

Tuesday to Sunday
from 20:00 to 22:30

Saturday and Sunday also
from 12:00 to 14:00

Opening for groups at lunchtime by reservation

Closed on Mondays

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T. 0733 231897
T. 0733 264762

Restaurant Menu

Cold cuts or ham and melon € 10.00
Selection of local cheese with Mrs. Elvia’s jam € 10.00
Arancini made of barley and emmer, lemon flavoured € 7.00
Fried sliced potatoes € 4.00
Fried olives € 8.00
Salad with cucumber, watermelon, rocket, parmesan cheese crunchy almonds and peeled tomato jelly € 8.00
“Big salad”, with fruits and seeds € 7.00
Grilled vegetables € 6.00
Veal with raw and cooked vegetables’ salad and yogurt and chives sauce € 9.00
Parmigiana with pumpkin € 8.00
Spaghetti with au gratin vegetables € 8.00
Whole tagliatelle, aromatic herbs, tomato and buffalo stracciatella € 9.00
Egg gnocchi with rabbit, olives ad purslane € 9.00
Soup with vegetables, legumes and wild herbs € 7.00
“Mezzelune” filled of cod with yellow tomato sauce and borage sprouts € 10.00
Meat tartare with parmesan, herbs and cedar € 15.00
The hamburger of Le Case with mayonnaise € 12.00
Pigeon with roasted peppers € 16.00
Mixed grill ( lamb, chicken, pork, veal ) € 13.00
Fried green tomato with salad of green beans and mint and roasted zucchini sauce € 9.00
200 grams of buffalo mozzarella from “Il Faro” farm with tomato and basil salad and herbs € 10.00
Grilled cod with salad of vegetables and sesame € 14.00
Tiramisù € 4.00
Yogurt semifreddo with fruit salad € 5.00
Corn tart with peach jam and vanilla cream € 5.00
Crunchy with berries, fiordilatte and hazelnuts € 6.00

Our pizza? For true gourmets!

Yes, because we leave the yeast dough to rest for three days… A long time, yes, but we willingly do this to prepare pizza with a soft texture that is highly digestible.
And if you think that ‘puttanesca’ can only be synonymous with pasta, you have never tried the pizza at Le Case! Then, crescia (flatbread) with smoked salmon and sorrel, with ricotta and fava beans or Cantabrian anchovies and tomato confit… So many seasonal flavours to choose from.

Enough to make your mouth water?

Pizza Gourmet

Pizza Gourmet

“Crescia” € 3.50
““Crescia” with spring onions € 5.50
“Crescia” with goat cheese from “Fontegranne” farm, ginger and ham from our farm € 10.00
“Crescia” with buffalo milk mozzarella and “misticanza” salad € 10.00
“Crescia” with burrata, anchovies from Cantabrian sea and confit tomato € 14.00
“Crescia” with salmon marinated with citrus, smoked burrata from” Trionfi Honorati” farm and grated lemon € 9.00
“Crescia” with roasted tomatoes and robiola from “Fontegranne” farm € 8.50
“Crescia” with salad of different coloured tomatoes, rocket and buffalo stracchino from “Il Faro” farm € 9.00
Mozzarella “fiordilatte”, cod, olives, grated lemon, tomatoes and herbs € 12.00
Mozzarella “fiordilatte”, sausage, blackberries and basil € 8.50
Mozzarella “fiordilatte”, “caciotta” pepper and lemon € 8.50
Mozzarella “fiordilatte” , baffalo blu from” Trionfi Honorati” farm , peaches and lilac € 9.00
Mozzarella “fiordilatte” and roasted vegetables € 8.00
“Marinara grezza” (aglina grass and oregano) € 5.50
“Margherita” with tomato, mozzarella “fiordilatte” and basil € 6.50
“Margherita” with raw “ripped” buffalo mozzarella“ € 9.00
“Puttanesca” ( mozzarella “fiordilatte”, olives, anchovies, capers, marjoram, garlic, chilli pepper, oregano and parsley) € 9.00
Mozzarella “fiordilatte”, sausage, onion, marioram and bio chilly pepper € 8.50
Mozzarella “fiordilatte”, tuna, “marinara”, spring onions and olives € 8.00
All’ “amatriciana” (pork cheek, tomato, caciotta and grated pecorino cheese) € 8.50
Mozzarella ”fiordilatte”, tomato, basil and pumpkin flowers filled with ricotta € 10.00
Vegan pizza € 8.00
On request pizzas with thicker base
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